The Adventures of Trimble and Twitch

Don't Be Stuck!

Don't Be Stuck!

  1. Be Intentional. Live with purpose. Find your purpose. It may be to smile at everyone you meet. It could be something more active like rescuing puppers or kitties. It could even be as simple as calling an old friend once a week. Just be intentional in your actions. Always positive interactions!

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What it takes!

What it takes!

This video may be a bit harder to watch than our typical heart warming videos of sweet puppers. But this is how we got to where we are.

Being a special needs dog mom is more than just carrying them around, feeding them, and giving all the love in the world. It’s also about pushing them to succeed. Being their cheerleader and not accepting excuses of “I can’t.”

Trimble knows I am there for him. He knows I will pick him up when he falls. He also knows that I will not accept it if he doesn’t try. We succeed or fail together.

Our bond is like no other. He knows what he needs to do. He knows what I expect. He knows the stakes and he also knows the rewards of hard work.

He and his brother are loved beyond measure. The effort we go to in order to provide them the best future is extraordinary. I’m not bragging or boasting. It is just what is required of us. We love our lives and what we are doing. We absolutely would not have it any other way.


I do want people to know that this is just not a human effort. Trimble and Twitch both work extremely hard to get better ever day. We are only their cheerleaders, coaching them along the way.

We only celebrate successes. We are Intentional and we want you to be too!

Be Intentional in your life. Set your goals and achieve them. Don’t stop when it’s hard. Don’t stop when “they” say it can’t be done. Always, always, always leave your heart laid out for all to see.

We love you guys for your continued support.

Above all else 
Be Intentional

You control your happiness!

You control your happiness!

It sounds cliche’ to say but it is absolutely true, you actually do control your happiness. In life, there will always be good days, bad days, glorious days, and also tragic days. These days can also turn into times. Everyone has them. Everyone. On. The. Planet.

The kicker is that you can choose how you handle these times. In even the darkest hours it is still your choice. Rise or be defeated. Mindset is everything.

Set your goals. Find your strategy. Make your course. Start your journey. These are the steps to creating that mindset. Each day can be happy- it is all in how you look at it. Every single person alive has a story to tell. You control the how it is told. Ensure that your story is epic! Make sure that even though when there are those times that it does look bleak that you remind yourself of two things.

One- you are here, you are alive, you are present in your life.

Two- there is still life to live, still time to spend with those that elevate your life, still time to smile.

Keep those smiles coming, keep sharing those smiles, and most of all Be Intentional.

We will continue spreading the happy, the joy, the positivity. We think you should too!

Happy Tails!

We love you!

We love you!

We wanted to take a moment and recognize all of our followers. I would have never dreamed two little wobbly puppies would have such a big impact on people. As of now, they have hundreds of thousands of followers. Each day we receive messages of encouragement and people let us know just how much they love Trimble and Twitch.

I will let you in on a little secret. I have been trying for awhile now to find a method to reach those that are in a dark place, those that need a little light in their life, those that just need someone to sit and listen. I have tried several things, but they had little attention. I honestly didn’t know what to do next. Then one little day God dropped two little puppies in my life.

I dropped literally everything in my life to take care of them. I posted some videos for others to follow them. (Mostly because everyone texted me all day long to find out about them) Then things just happened. It snowballed and got bigger and bigger and it is now this….whatever this is.

I am so happy they inspire people. I am happy they lead people out of the dark. I am happy that two little doggos mean as much to me as they do to others. I am happy this is where my life has taken me. But, it isn’t always easy.

Although I have always wanted to motivate and inspire it is sometimes hard. Living life with CH puppers isn’t exactly easy. It isn’t exactly hard either. It is just more. More time, more effort, more emotion, more everything.

They are beautiful souls- joyful, happy, and energetic. They also struggle sometimes. Trimble mostly. He is doing amazingly well but that has come from countless hours of therapy and patience. Falling, getting up, falling, and getting up again is our daily routine.

Everyday I have to explain what they have. Everyday I have to defend not euthanizing them. Everyday I have to say that they are not in any pain. This takes an emotional toll. I try to show you guys all the sides of CH. The happy, the sad, the uplifting, and the hard times. I hope you get it. I really hope everyone see the value of special needs pups and all that they have to offer.

Now, here is where you come in. You, you, you, and YOU are always there for us. Always saying an encouraging word. Always sending a message of how Trimble and Twitch have affected your lives. Always stepping up when I have to figure out how to pay for medicine, or splints, or a wheelchair. IT IS YOU GUYS WHO MAKE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE.

We thank you. We love you. We want you to continue this journey with us. We always want you to know that you are as important to us as we are to you.

Love and puppy dog tales….


P.S. I know there is probably a lot of typos in this… but I am not going to edit it. It was kind of hard to write. Just know that we really really appreciate everything you guys do!

What is wrong with your dog?

What is wrong with your dog?

So… when I am asked what it wrong with Trimble & Twitch, my reply will always be- nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with them, but there is a whole lot of what is right with them. They are amazingly happy, amazingly strong, amazingly brave, and amazingly loving. Every single person on this little rock in our universe could learn a lesson. Perfect, whole, complete does not equivocate to ok-ness. It is what is within you, what fires you up, your soul, your spirit, your heart- that makes you so beautifully imperfectly perfect.

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Our Family!