Frequently Asked Questions

What do Trimble and Twitch have?

They have Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  Check out that page for more detailed info about it.

Trimble also has seizures but is on two medications for it- Keppra and Phenobarbital.  They control them but they still occur from time to time.  For this reason we don't leave Trimble alone for more than a couple of hours.

How old are TnT?

Their birthday is February 1, 2019.

Do they have a normal life expectancy?


How do they sleep?

Just like normal dogs.

What does Be Intentional mean?

Our motto of Be Intentional stems from their intentional tremors.  This is the primary characteristic of CH.  Intentional tremors occur with purposeful movement like walking, eating, picking up their head.

We would like to encourage everyone to Be Intentional in their lives.  Live with purpose.  Live Positively.  Spread happiness, acceptance, and encourage others to do the same.

You only die once, but you live every single day.  Make those days count.

Have you tried CBD/THC?

Yes, it didn't work.  We hear this suggestion multiple times per day.  It simply does not do anything for them.

Do you do meet and greets?

Of course, let us know what you have going on.


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